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Make sure your customers contact YOU for all claim issues and retain all the original packing as received.

This sticker serves multiple purposes:

  1. Shows that you inspected customer packed items.
  2. Explains to the recipient that they should contact you for all claims; Not the carriers.
  3. Reminds the recipient to keep all packing material and contents as they received it.

How To Order:
Through our approved label supplier, Integrated Business Works!, you can purchase a roll of 500 of these custom 3" x 4" stickers at a low cost of $36.00. There is a minimum of 2 rolls per order. This includes free shipping & handling.

NOTE: When asked for the coupon code, please enter: Shipsurance to receive free shipping.

Sticker Placement:
These stickers should be placed on the INSIDE FLAP of your outbound packages. This way, they will be seen after the package is opened. Do not place these on the outside surface of the container.


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